Immigration Services


Various successful companies operating in the international business setting have entrusted ZARIA Mobility with the responsibility of developing strategic immigration programs. Our endeavour is to Support you as an organization to take advantage of processing and cost efficiencies in order to Structure your immigration program to reflect your unique corporate preferences, policies and Practices.
We collaborate with you every step of the way as you grow, making adjustments where needed and introducing new opportunities to support the immigration aspects of your assignees’ relocation or travel.

Our support program entails:

  • Applying our scale for best practice, reporting proficiencies and case management.
  • Expertise, to strategically plan regional and/or global immigration database management.
  • Assistance on designing Immigration programs and complying with the ever evolving immigration policies.
  • Refining your current internal Immigration policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Guidance regarding the impact of immigration regulations and requirements on corporate restructuring.
  • Comprehensive Short-term assignment planning and back-to-back assignment strategies.
  • Acting as your knowledge center for all Immigration requirements that can change at lightning speed. We are dedicated to identify these changes in Immigration policies and convey the information to you: these are detailed information on immigration processes, red flag issues, processing times, and other information relevant to immigration compliance.

Ours services include but not limited to:

  • Long term Work Permit (Varies depending on Country Immigration regulations)
  • Temporary Work Permits e.g. Special Pass.
  • Cancellation / Deletion for both short and long term Work Permits.
  • Appeals and Waivers of Both Short and Long term work permits.
  • Alien / Identification Card for both assignee and spouse (where applicable)
  • Dependant permits.
  • Student Permits / Pupil Permits.
  • Visa Extensions.
  • Online Entry Visas.
  • Police Certificate of good conduct (where applicable).
  • Permanent Residency.
  • Citizenship.

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